Cloud Systems and Online Tools with DNCS

DNCS can build bespoke Cloud Systems / Online Tools for your business.

These are systems that are accessed via a web browser and can enable your business to operate from anywhere that has an internet connection.

Similarly, these could be designed to be internal systems or intranets as they are commonly known.

All Cloud Systems are built using a starting framework but are completely customised to your business.


Customer Managers / Address Books

Your online tools can include a customer manager / address book. This is great for businesses that have staff split across the country because you can centralise your contacts.

It is also handy when you have staff on the road because they can always get the contact info for a customer by logging into the system from a mobile if the system is public.


Job / Project Tracking

DNCS can inlcude job / project tracking tools for your cloud system. This can be used to setup and track jobs and jobs could be assigned to staff and to customers.

It can include the ability to add notes and can be a great tool for businesses such as tradies because the head office staff can setup a job from the office and the staff just log into the system via their mobile and can see a list of jobs assigned to them.

This can even extend into the person on the road being able to update when the job is done.


SMS Systems

In the day and age where every other person sends an email for marketing, we can go one further and offer SMS integration with your online tools. This can be used for general day-to-day operations or for marketing.

A great example of day-to-day operations is sending a text to someone at a set time one day before they have a booking or sending a reminder text about an overdue account.


Online Review / Approval Processes

If your business often has to send documents to third parties for review and approval, this approval process can be moved online.

Say you have a job tracking system that is used to book in repairs at people's homes and as part of this, you send the customer a quote and they must accept the quote before the job is booked in. The system could be configured so you simply setup the job and send it to the customer.

The customer gets a link to a web page and can approve or reject. If approved, the job can automatically go into the active job queue and appear in the list for the assigned staff member.


Multiple Access Levels

We can include multiple access levels for your system. This is great for organisations that have different departments or where you want staff to not be able to access a certain area of the system.

This can even include customer portals and third party portals if your business requires it. This is very handy if you want customers to view / edit their account.



The sky is the limit when it comes to your Cloud System / Online Tools, so be sure to speak to one of our experts to find out how we can move your business into the digital world and leave paper as a thing of the past.

By providing tools and portals online, you can reduce the time spent on the administration of your business and can focus on growing your business.

Speak to us today to find out more about how we can help your business.